New Worlds

New Worlds is a space-based observatory to address some of the oldest and most fundamental of questions.

Is the Earth unique?
Is this planet the only one suitable for habitation?
Is life abundant in the Universe?

New Worlds will address these questions through direct discovery and study of the planets in our neighboring star systems. New Worlds will map the very systems dreamed of in fiction for the last century. Each major planet will be studied to determine its characteristics. Is it an oven like Venus? A wind swept, barren rock like Mars? Or is it a watery, inviting paradise like Earth?

The technology needed to achieve this exploration is novel and is described in this website. With NASA's help we hope to open direct observation of exoplanets in the coming decade.

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The Futures Channel

The New Worlds Observer has just completed a major study funded by NASA. All the
scientific and technical aspects of the program have been studied and are being reported to NASA. To access the detailed information click ASMCS Study Results.

We are reporting the exciting capabilities of New Worlds to the National Academy of Sciences Astro2010 Survey Committee. These communications take the form of whitepapers, which can
be found at Astro2010 Whitepapers.

Check out the New Worlds documentary by the Futures Channel!