Whitepapers for the Astro2010 Survey Committee
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New Worlds Observer Whitepaper: This deals with the full-up concept, including 4m telescope and Starshade.

New Worlds Probe Whitepaper: This is about using a starshade in conjunction with the James Webb Space Telescope in order to avoid the cost of building the telescope.

Starshade Technology Whitepaper: Led by A. Lo, this whitepaper discusses a plan for technology development that will lead to a starshade on a short timescale.

Finding Planets Whitepaper: Led by M. Turnbull, this document is a succinct summary of how starshades can be used to find exoplanets, with emphasis on finding habitable planets.

Characterizing Planets Whitepaper: Led by G. Tinetti, this document describes how exoplanets can be studied using starshade technology. Spectroscopy holds the key.



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