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The University of Colorado
Webster Cash
John Bally
Jim Green
Ann Shipley

Graduate Students
Sarah LeVine
Nico Nell
Phil Oakley
Eric Schindhelm

Giada Arney
Julia DeMarines
Rebecca Mickol
Thomas Rogers
Shrishti Yadav

Principal Investigator
Star and Planet Formation, General Astrophysics

Engineering Support

Webpage Designer

Photometry and Simulations

Education and Public Outreach Lead

Diffraction Simulations

Ball Aerospace
Steve Kilston
Charley Noecker

Planet Finding, Telescope Alignment, Starshade Tolerance

Global Science Institute
Margaret Turnbull Science Team Lead

Goddard Space Flight Institute
Doug Leviton
Aki Roberge
Optics Lead
Debris Disk and Exozodi Studies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sara Seager  

Northrop Grumman
Jon Arenberg
Tiffany Glassman
Chuck Lillie
Amy S. Lo
Ron Polidan

Engineering Design, Mission Design, Deputy PI

University College London
Giovanna Tinetti Spectral Signatures

KinetX, Inc.
Space Navigation and Flight Dynamics Practice
21 West Easy Street, Suite 108
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Bobby G. Williams Mission Design and Navigation Lead
Robert W. Farquhar  
David Dunham  
Jonathon Smith  
Kjell Stakkestad  

Astronomical Institute, University Utrecht, the Netherlands
Christoph U. Keller Polarimeter design and development
Frans Snik Polarimeter design and development

SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Studies, Utrecht, the Netherlands
Daphne M. Stam Polarization signatures of exoplanets


This is list is being constantly updated and currently only contains a few of the team members from CU, there are many more people contributing from many other institutions, and the list is growing!



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