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Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.
Frank Borman


Yet, the entire Earth has been charted, and it has been almost 200 years since the last continent, Antarctica, was discovered. What is left for humans to explore?


New Worlds brings the age of exploration back to life.


The urge to explore has propelled evolution since the first water creatures reconnoitered the land. Like all living systems, cultures cannot remain static; they evolve or decline. They explore or expire... Beyond all rationales, space flight is a spiritual quest in the broadest sense, one promising a revitalization of humanity and a rebirth of hope no less profound than the great opening out of mind and spirit at the dawn of our modern age.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, "From the Moon to the Millenium"


It is said that history always repeats itself. Well, history is full of exploration. There is no way to come across and analyze new lands without the essence of exploration. By definition, exploration is the discovery and examination of new worlds. If the Earth is already charted pole-to-pole, and the other planets of our solar system are well on their way to being mapped, the next logical step is the discovery, detection, and analysis of extrasolar planetary systems. Once these systems are discovered, each individual planet can be assessed and analyzed through spectroscopy, photometry, and imaging.

Exploration also refers to scientific research. In conjunction with discovery and explanation, exploration is the spirit of science. All new scientific endeavors begin with the exploration of a new idea, culminating in a ground-breaking discovery and resulting in a new way to look at the world we live in.


The New Worlds Mission plans to challenge our thoughts of the Earth and its place within our universe, and introduce exciting new possibilities for the existence of life in the universe.




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